Mini Sessions : Newhall Park Concord

My second round of mini sessions were super fun! I have to say, there are some darn cute & Christmas card worthy pictures that came out of that day. The weather and lighting was on point and the park I shot at had a nice cove of trees that provided a great backdrop for my holiday setup. The families I worked with are so adorable and are some of the nicest people! 

Mini Session Season

It's holiday season which means it's mini session season!

I adore these families I got to work with at Contra Loma Park in Antioch. All of the kids are my son's best buds :). I had a young aspiring photographer assist me through the sessions and at the end of the day she took some pictures of my family. It's been a long time since we've gotten a good family photo - I'm so happy to have these (thank you Lindsey!). 

Round 2 of mini sessions are next month and I can't wait!

Fowlie Family : Mt Diablo State Park

I've been wanting to find some good photo shoot locations in Mt. Diablo State Park and after some research, I came across this area and trailway on the Clayton side of the mountain. There are so many options and it can be hard to find a convenient spot for families that also provides a picturesque setting. I think this spot is a keeper!

Surprise : Tilden Park

Surprise! We threw my Dad a surprise 60's theme birthday party for his 60th! The costumes were hilarious, the music was on point, and the photo booth was a hit. The best surprise was my brother and his family coming to town from Phoenix for the occasion. My dad was speechless from all of it!

My brother & his wife asked if I would take some family photos for them while they were in town, and I happily said yes of course. We went to one of my favorite spots - Tilden Park in Berkeley. Afterwards we took all of our kids to the Oakland Zoo. It was a great time and we were all so happy to have my brother and his family with us!

Here's a handful from their photo shoot and from my Dad's party!

She's A Gem : SF Newborn Shoot

"Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby... Do ya do ya do ya do ya." I just had to start off with that lyric from the Kaiser Chiefs because this little gem of a newborn is named Ruby and she deserves a song! Her parents love music too so I thought it works well, lol.

Ashley & Aaron welcomed me into their lovely Bernal Heights home in the city to capture their precious newborn in her first week of life. She is a beauty! It was great catching up with her parents too, whom I know from my college days in Atlanta. Thanks Stern family for letting me to take pictures of your adorable family!

fowlie's making it four -- tilden park

This beautiful family is adding another babe to their brood, and he'll be my nephew! Our family is so excited to see them welcome a boy in just a few weeks. This baby means more to them than can be explained, after experiencing the loss of a boy earlier this year. This little blessing from God is so loved already and will be cherished forever and ever! I enjoyed every minute of capturing my sister, brother-in-law, and niece one last time as a family of three.

lovely lyla -- one year photoshoot

Sweet Lyla turns one! My friend's daughter who is just a few weeks older than my son turned 1 year old this month. Before her big day, I took some photos of her to capture her at this age and for her mom to use at her birthday party. We applied the theme of her party to her photo shoot - roses, pink, and anything girly! Lyla cooperated great for the most part and we got some lovely photos. She is the sweetest little girl and she has the best rolls ever. I absolutely love baby rolls... who doesn't!?! Her brothers got in at the end of the shoot for some fun photos too!

the greers -- larkey park

This awesome family, that Chad and I have been lucky to get to know this past year and call our friends, asked me to take some family photos of them surrounding their youngest turning one. We had great lighting and met at a convenient location for us both. It turned out great!

besties and babies

One of my best friends needed some new headshots for work, so she asked me to come over and take some for her. I ended up just snapping a bunch of her in her backyard while our dogs played and our babies slept... she has an 8 month old girl and I have a 2 month old boy (so fun having kids around the same time as your besties!). I think these turned out lovely... though not hard to capture good ones of this beautiful person!

first bay area shoot

Headshots - Contra Loma Park

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of taking photos for a talented singer and theater student who is home for the summer. It was my first photo shoot since moving to the Bay Area from Atlanta so I was super excited to get back behind the camera and start clicking away. She needed headshots for auditions and shows before she heads back to college for her senior year. We met at Contra Loma Park in Antioch which is a great location and we ended up with beautiful lighting just before sunset.

This pretty lady has such a fun and vibrant personality and a gorgeous smile. I heard great things about her from my mom, who was her voice teacher, and after spending time with her I'm sure she's going to leave a mark in the industry!

big changes

I relocated to the SF Bay Area just 2 months ago after 11 years in Atlanta, Georgia! It was a homecoming for me since I grew up in the bay area and my family still lives here, but Atlanta is the place my husband grew up and had spent his whole life there until now. To say it's been an exciting spring & summer is an understatement! With my husband accepting a job transfer to California, selling our Atlanta townhome, moving cross country, settling in to a new home and jobs, and preparing for the arrival of our first child (due Sept. 23rd!)... it's been a lot of changes at once! Now we're 3 weeks away from the arrival of our son (if he's on time lol) and we're in nesting/waiting mode. Books have been read, classes and a hospital tour have been taken, and the nursery is ready to go. I can't believe all we've done and accomplished in just a few months to make this cross country transition. Amidst the chaos, it was important to me to have some photos taken of us to capture this time in our lives before the baby comes and before we no longer are a family of 3 (our dog Zoey is family member #3 of course). I had a friend and photographer, Shay Burke, take our photos and I did the editing myself. I'm so pleased with how they turned out and thankful to have such nice photos of Chad & I and us with Zoey.