big changes

I relocated to the SF Bay Area just 2 months ago after 11 years in Atlanta, Georgia! It was a homecoming for me since I grew up in the bay area and my family still lives here, but Atlanta is the place my husband grew up and had spent his whole life there until now. To say it's been an exciting spring & summer is an understatement! With my husband accepting a job transfer to California, selling our Atlanta townhome, moving cross country, settling in to a new home and jobs, and preparing for the arrival of our first child (due Sept. 23rd!)... it's been a lot of changes at once! Now we're 3 weeks away from the arrival of our son (if he's on time lol) and we're in nesting/waiting mode. Books have been read, classes and a hospital tour have been taken, and the nursery is ready to go. I can't believe all we've done and accomplished in just a few months to make this cross country transition. Amidst the chaos, it was important to me to have some photos taken of us to capture this time in our lives before the baby comes and before we no longer are a family of 3 (our dog Zoey is family member #3 of course). I had a friend and photographer, Shay Burke, take our photos and I did the editing myself. I'm so pleased with how they turned out and thankful to have such nice photos of Chad & I and us with Zoey.